Coordinated Care Network

Marin Health Network enables communities of providers, patients, service centers, payers and public health administrators to coordinate care, reduce costs, improve outcomes, enhance patient experience and manage public health.

Marin Health Network provides connectivity, interoperability and collaboration along with easy to use cloud-based applications that are accessible through browsers, desktops, smart phones, pads and telepresence.

SyntraNet: Open Health Platform

The foundation for Marin Health Network is SyntraNet, an open health platform from Thrasys, Inc. designed to rapidly configure and deploy highly scalable collaborative healthcare networks.

SyntraNet is based on patent pending innovations for information technology aimed at networks of connected enterprises and uses state of the art architectures for XML services, user interfaces, configurable workflows, rules, and interoperability.

Core SyntraNet capabilities include services to manage unique identities for persons/patients, providers, and other resources; to interconnect applications, systems and registries with semantic mapping of content; to coordinate workflows and business processes; to implement administrative and clinical rules; and to enforce and audit access to protected information.

SyntraNet also delivers a new generation of cloud-based administrative, clinical, revenue management, departmental, and patient facing applications to enable coordinated care and open programming interfaces so third-parties can offer additional applications and services.

Coordinated Care Applications

Unlike previous generations of healthcare applications designed to automate transactions and manage specific visits or episodes of care, Marin Health Network applications are designed from the ground up to coordinate the continuum of care with enhanced productivity and improved workflows.

Providers, patients, service centers and payers can access applications from anywhere and at anytime to perform a variety of tasks: register persons and patients; access and update demographic and clinical information; place orders and manage clinical workflows; implement rules with decision support; schedule local and global resources; capture charges; automate revenue cycle processes; interoperate and collaborate with other participants; and comply with requirements for quality and public health reporting.

Accountable Care and Medical Homes

Marin Health Network can be configured as a solution for accountable care organizations to coordinate care and for multi-disciplinary teams to implement medical homes for patients.

Providers, patients, service centers, payers and public health administrators can access easy to use on-demand applications—from anywhere and at anytime—to coordinate care, reduce costs, improve outcomes, enhance patient experience and manage public health.