Multi-Enterprise Information Model

Unlike earlier generations of healthcare solutions, SyntraNet is designed from the ground up for networks of connected enterprises. Enterprises are modeled as nodes in a connected network with varying degrees of relationship among network participants—much like a complex social network for enterprises.

In the simplest case, a SyntraNet network can be defined as a single, vertically integrated enterprise—the usual model in traditional enterprise applications. A somewhat more complex SyntraNet network is a collection of enterprises that are independent of one another—a configuration equivalent to "multi-tenancy" applications. And SyntraNet networks can be also configured to define considerably more complex topologies than multi-tenancy with hierarchies of organizations with varying degrees of relationship among participants.

With SyntraNet, applications are targeted at an entire health network with fine-grained control over data, processes, configuration and security for each participant. The SyntraNet information and application model are unique to the industry and a new foundation for connected health information technology.

The SyntraNet Open Health Platform provides technologies and components to rapidly build and deploy highly scalable collaborative health networks that provide interoperability, connectivity and applications for communities of care providers, patients, service centers, payers and public health administrators.