Powerful User Interface Framework

An important goal for a new generation of health information technology is to provide user interfaces that are easy to use, interactively rich and extremely productive user on a variety of front-ends—browsers, desktops, smart phone, pads and other devices.

SyntraNet uses open standards to provide a powerful user-interface framework to rapidly build and deploy interactive application user interfaces on a variety of front ends with support for multi-touch and emerging surface platform interfaces.

The user interface framework includes capabilities to build rich internet applications (RIA) targeted at the Flash and Silverlight run times, browser based interfaces using HTML5 frameworks, and native smart client interfaces for smart phones, pads and surfaces.

The SyntraNet Open Health Platform provides technologies and components to rapidly build and deploy highly scalable collaborative health networks that provide interoperability, connectivity and applications for communities of care providers, patients, service centers, payers and public health administrators.