Configurable, Scalable XML Services

From elementary CRUD (create, read, update, delete) services to high level platform and application services, all SyntraNet platform and application services are delivered as internationalized, configurable and scalable XML services deployed in the cloud.

Internationalized services support users from different locales to use applications with locale specific behavior—screen layout, text input and edits, reference data, sorting policies, calendaring systems, currency formats, and so on.

Configurable services use metadata to define functionality—for example, the "Register New Patient" service can function differently for different network participants based on configuration. Services are assembled as sequences of pre-defined message request handlers to enable rapid deployment and easy customization.

Unlike traditional enterprise applications designed for use within firewalls, SyntraNet services are built to scale to very large numbers of users and transactions.

The SyntraNet Open Health Platform provides technologies and components to rapidly build and deploy highly scalable collaborative health networks that provide interoperability, connectivity and applications for communities of care providers, patients, service centers, payers and public health administrators.